Studies Prove That 3 Out Of 4 Soon-To-Be Graduates Need a Resume Service

It is ironic how employers tend to look for someone who’s just graduated but has five or more years of experience. The reasonable questions is – how are you supposed to have that experience if you weren’t lucky enough to get an internship during your studies? With that kind of attitude on the part of companies and human resources departments, the sad jokes about working in McDonald’s do not seem that funny anymore, do they?

In fact, three out of four newly made graduates spend months and years looking for a decent job position. Bad economy doesn’t improve the situation. How can you avoid this turmoil? How to stand out in the grey mass? How to make companies choose you instead of a hundred of other people who have the same qualifications? The answer is – you probably have to use a professional resume service like Writing For You, Inc.

In a few studies performed in the last few years, it have been discovered that several changes in a resume can increase your chances of getting through to the interview by 50%. And what will be these chances if you revamp your CV entirely? That’s exactly what we offer you to do – make you super attractive and interesting for headhunters by tweaking your resume.

Resume writing is an art, which has to be learned through trial and effort

Writing a CV only seems a simple thing to do. Why, you might think, I only have to describe my education, my volunteer work, my internships (if any), and provide some contact information to let them get in touch with me. Right? Well, not exactly. People writing the descriptions of job offers tend to exaggerate every requirement – this is just a preventive measure to filter the flow of candidates. Job seekers, on the other hand, answer with slightly exaggerated qualifications and expertise. If you add your 100% honest resume to the database, it will simply go unnoticed, because recruiters are not used to seeing resumes that do not screech and shout of the awesomeness of their authors.

You need to be creative and know how to emphasize your strengths, describe the most appropriate of your experiences and bear in mind that every word you write counts. More precisely, your resume has to be:

  • Detailed but not too much. It is important to describe the parts of your career that make the most sense for recruiters. To understand which ones are the most important, you have to understand the general requirements of the corresponding niche.
  • Position appropriate. A resume is usually written bearing a certain position in mind. For instance, a resume for a bank manager will differ significantly from one seeking a designer’s position.
  • Descriptive of all your strengths, but without unconcealed boasting or shameless lying (recruiters are people, too, and they do not like self-assured candidates).
  • Of appropriate length, which is general not more than 2 pages, but will depend greatly on the position you have in mind.

Of course, writing a strong CV is only the beginning, and an interview will follow, probably with a test assignment, but if you don’t have a good resume, your chances of getting hired at all are close to zero.

To find a job right after graduation and avoid humiliation and disappointment, do not hesitate to use our professional resume writing services.

Use our resume writing service, and employers will fight for a chance to interview you!

Have you ever tried writing a resume for someone else? If you have, you might have noticed that it is much easier to do it for someone else, rather than for yourself. That’s exactly why it is so easy for us to write a great resume for you.

A lot of things can become an obstacle for you – if you are writing your very first CV and have a naturally modest personality, you will be tempted just to provide some objective, non-adorned information. WRONG! Employers do not want objective. They want super-qualified, extra-skilled and ready to work day and night (even if the position is entry-level and non-paid). We will make sure that your resume fulfills their expectations without misleading them.

To preserve this fine line between emphasizing the strengths and providing false information, we have resume writers of all backgrounds. That is, if you are looking for a position in marketing, our marketing writers will work on your CV knowing what skills are wanted and appreciated by employers.

A single person can never provide high-quality resume services for various positions, simply because to know what skills and abilities to emphasize, that person would have to work in the corresponding industry for years. That’s why we assign orders only to appropriate writers.

The procedure of ordering professional resume writing at Writing For You, Inc. is extremely sweet and short. You provide information about yourself and specify which field you want to work in. We find an appropriate writer and that writer writes your resume from scratch.

We guarantee the highest quality of our assistance – 90% of our customers managed to get a few invitations to job interviews within a month after submitting their newly made resumes! A great result, isn’t it? Save yourself some trouble and humiliation of working in fast food. Order our services now and get hired in a matter of weeks.